Ethics and European Standards

The ethics principles of ProEstetica clinic are:


The slogan “Beauty through health” emphasizes our interest for beauty and health, concepts that are mutualy conditioned in our vision.

Our mission is to offer high quality, professional medical and surgical services, in a private system, in a relaxed atmosphere, full of warmth and solicitude.

We promote and develop a medical process based on a complete and honest information of the patient. We appreciate mutual trust, reason and both sides responsibility, in order to help people when they ask for our help: guidance and medical treatments, surgical treatments, behavioral advices, diet, kinetotherapy, psychoterapy, wellness and much more.

A contented patient is a patient who gets a surgery and heals without pain. Our team uses all the right strategies to atenuate till disparition any post-surgery discomfort. We perform surgeries famous for painful healing, such as bunions or hernia surgery, with minimum pain recovery. .

The inguinal hernia is life guaranteed. Any relapse of varicosity after a surgery at our clinic will be corrected free of charge.

Brest augmentation surgeries using silicone implant or fat transplant, or The Brava Method will satisfy you and will be a pleasant experience. Lipo absortion, with or without laser, is considered an art in our clinic. Abdominoplasty, breast decrease surgery and any other matter of aesthetic surgery will be taken care of with maximum professionalism.

Facial treatments, laser, injecting wrinkles with botulinum toxin or filling the wrinkles, blefaroplasty and everything regarding the face has a special place in our preocupations. We can offer you an entire range of facial-aesthetic medical surgeries available anywhere in the world.

Everyday, we strive to gain your confidence.

Personal Message and Vision

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